Could 2011 be your Best Year Yet?

Whoa – what happened to 2010?

Suddenly there’s a chill in the air, snow on the ground, logs on the fire and Christmas lurking stealthily around the corner.

The old year is on it’s last legs and the new one champing at the bit.

Years can fly by, and if we’re not careful not much changes.

How was 2010 for you?

A new chapter

As 2011 limbers up, I know that a new year can mean a new start.

For that reason, I’m determined to try something different to help make 2011 the Best Year Yet.

If you’re thinking it’s time to get to grips with life and start being really extraordinary, I know what you mean.

If it’s finally time to overhaul your career, start that business you’ve always meant to, and find a life that brings happiness, this could be for you.

I’m planning to partner with 3 or 4 individuals who are looking to change their lives for the better, for the whole of 2011.

This is for people who are ready to make a serious and concerted commitment to themselves.

The idea is to set some ambitious goals personally and professionally and then work together to make those goals a reality.

If you’re excited by the idea, or know someone who might be, I’m ready to talk and see if it is the right fit for both of us.  Please send me a message to set up a call and find out more.

Photo credit : rkramer62 (Flickr Creative Commons)

Name it, Change it

change your life, find work you love

What’s in a name?

If you have something in your life you want to change, giving it a name is a powerful way to start.

Naming a problem helps us to identify the situation and to accept it.

For example, if you want to make get away from an all-consuming job and find work that creates better balance, you might call this “Project Freedom”.

This sums up the whole process in one neat parcel and keeps the motivation for change front and centre.

I thought I’d share an example of how by naming a problem, I’ve been able to shake off one of my worst habits.

“Stop Being an Arse”

Sometimes it takes the person who knows you best to really hit the nail on the head.

It all happened so suddenly, on the way home from a lovely vacation.

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The Simple Path to Happiness

There are plenty of reasons for you to be happy right now.. if you recognize these conditions you can stop running rignt now” Thich Nhat Hahn.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

In this wonderful video, the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hahn explains how by simply being more mindful and present we can find happiness right now.

He notes that becoming more aware of the world around us can make us happier:

To experience the blue sky above your head is to come in contact with one of the wonders of life

The beauty of this approach is that there is no need to strive and struggle for a promise of a better future.  Living in each moment we can find huge satisfaction even in the most mundane tasks…

If you know the art of mindfulness, washing dishes can be a wonderful experience

Please enjoy the video

Over to you

What simple things do you appreciate?

How do you find contentment?

What happens when you stop struggling so hard?

Two simple steps to change for good

Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can, and

The wisdom to know the difference” – St. Francis of Assisi

Have you ever spent hours regretting something you can do nothing about?

Have you ever done nothing about a situation that is making you miserable?

St Francis’ Maxim captures the dilemma perfectly – when to act and when to move on.

When we’re faced with any difficult situation, a great place to start is always – what can I change and what must I accept?  Cracking this helps us be a little bit wiser.


Some things we simply have to accept.

Sadly (and trust me I’ve tried), we can’t control the people and world around us.  Sh!t happens.

Sometimes it is seems totally illogical and unfair.  Terrible things befall good people.

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Five steps to your Career Escape Plan

Do you believe that life is too short to do work that isn’t exciting?

Have you been stuck doing work that feels meaningless for too long?

Are you ready to find a career path that provides challenge, excitement and passion?

I’m hugely excited to announce that Less Ordinary Living is now partnering with the amazing team at Escape the City, to help talented people “Do Something Different”.

We’ll be helping you to find work that makes you tick and that feels fulfilling.  We offer two programmes to support your change:

The Great Escape Program provides you with personalized one-on-one support to identify your ideal work and start making that a reality.

The Escape Committee will put you in a motivated group of like-minded professionals and walk you through a step-by-step process to make your Escape and find work you love.

I made my own Escape from the corporate world to running Less Ordinary Living over the last five years.

Whatever you are hoping to do, I wanted to share five key steps to creating your own Career Escape Plan:

1. Get your head straight

Making a fresh start, a complete career change or setting up your own business will take courage and a positive attitude.

My family and friends thought I was nuts to give up a “secure” and established career path to train as a coach and I needed to be strong to stick to my guns.

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