Welcome our new Associate – Hedeel Mahdi-King

Less Ordinary Living is growing.

It’s my pleasure to introduce the new addition to our team, Hedeel Mahdi-King.  Hedeel has a range of experience from years in the city to running her own business.  She’ll bring her talent and knowledge to the team.

Here she is in her own words…

I’m absolutely delighted to join Less Ordinary Living.


I guess it’s no surprise I’m taking this step; I grew up in a very entrepreneurial family and was always up to my elbows in every aspect of running a business, right from the research and development stage through to the ‘what to do when things go a little off-plan’ stage.

I’ve paid my dues and spent six years working in they City as a corporate lawyer.

I’ve also spent some time running my own business, and seen first hand the challenge and excitement this can bring.

Over the last few years I’ve worked with a variety of people to help them turn their ideas into living, breathing businesses.  I’ve also helped established businesses grow and/or diversify.

Recently I’ve worked with people from professions such as law, banking, architecture, catering and e-commerce move into completely different careers such as agriculture, design and build, personal styling and event organisation.

My passion lies in helping others achieve a life they want, and most importantly, a life that they love to wake up to each morning – challenges, stretches and all!

I specialise in:

-    working with individuals who feel trapped take stock of their lives and create a more fulfilling reality (from small tweaks to complete revamp!).

-    helping people who want to be self-employed make the transition.

-    working with people to turn their ideas into living, breathing start-ups.

-    helping independently owned companies grow, diversify or consolidate their offering.

The buzz for me is in helping clients become more aware of their choices and helping them to make more positive, exciting, and yet still entirely pragmatic decisions.

All that’s left to say is that I look forward to working with some of you soon.


Effortless Success!

Don’t believe the hype.

This is the type of headline that bombards us every day.  Frankly they really get on my wick.

The world is full of miracle cures for happiness, crash diets and flashy new products that instantly boost your sex appeal.

Making lasting changes takes more than changing your brand of deodorant.  It takes planning, motivation and commitment.

Spring into Action

Spring is in the air, bringing a sense of renewal and opportunity. It’s  time to dust off the cob-webs and re-boot a few life programmes that are not working.

If you know it’s time to change, here are five ways to get things moving in different areas of your life (commitment definitely required!):

1)   De-clutter your life – if your house is turning into a landfill site and your paperwork has taken over the table.  Set an objective (for example to clear out the spare room by the end of March) and commit 10 minutes a day to making it happen.

2)   Introduce a new virtuous habit – whether it’s a morning walk, 30 minutes exercise 3 times a week or taking 10 minutes quiet time to breathe every day, start something that can make your life better.  Here are some more ideas on how to do this.

3)   Audit your career – set aside an hour to honestly assess how you are making a living.  Think about what you enjoy, what gives you meaning and purpose, how your work fits with your life goals and what you’d like to be doing in 5 years time.  For a helpful test to see if work is working click here.  Here are some ideas on how to start changing things.

4)   Learn something new – what have you been fascinated by for years and done nothing about?  What skill would you love to learn (yes, origami does count).  Find a course and go learn!

5)   Get out there and meet people – if you’ve been hibernating, it’s time to shake off the sleepy dust.  Join a group, find an event, sign up for on-line dating (if you’re single!), call up your friends and re-activate your social life.  It’s ok to get out there. More on friendship here.

The advertisers would have you believe that the key to your happiness is a shiny new product.

The reality is that the power lies in your hands.

If you want something, get out there and make it happen.

Photo credit: Robert S Donovan (Flickr Creative Commons)

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