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Summer is here and the living is easy!  It’s a chance to kick back and bask in the sunshine, to explore new destinations and to spend some quality time with the people we love.  We want to find out from you what your plans are to make this summer extraordinary and special, so please comment on this article and share your plans.

Here at Less Ordinary Living Towers, we spent the last week on vacation.  First we hit the Glastonbury Music Festival.  This was a chance to join 170,000 revellers who descend on a small farm for five days to listen to the best bands and party.  The music was out of this world with over 30 different venues across the site playing everything from folk-reggae to dance to brass bands.  The weather was kind (only 2 days in wellies!) and the sun shone.  The most extraordinary thing was the people and organisation – everything ran like clockwork and the atmosphere was overwhelmingly friendly.  I left with a huge smile on my face and a lesson learned about the ability of humans to cohabit and share without conflict.

The rest of the week we spent in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere.  No mobile phone signal, no internet, no telephone line.  It was so refreshing to disconnect and be in a peaceful place where the ambient noise was birdsong.  We walked miles along beautiful country lanes and through rolling countryside.  Getting away from it all was extraordinary and we returned refreshed and totally relaxed.

So what extraordinary plans or ideas do you have to make the most of the summer?  Please share them with our readers to inspire us all.

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