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The start of the Season of Thinking Big caused quite a stir.  Thanks to all of you who wrote to me, sharing your commitments.  Many of you reflected on how much had happened in the last 10 years of your life and shared exciting visions of where the next decade might take you.  For me, Thinking Big has been really exciting and I’ve started to imagine the impact I could make if I really went for it.

As I sit here on a rainy Wednesday morning in London, I’m developing a vision of a global community committed to making the most of life. Connecting inspiring people like you and sharing ideas about how to improve both individual lives and the wider problems of our societies is really firing me up.  I’m going to continue developing this concept over the next few weeks, however the obvious realisation for me is that once we have started thinking big, we need to start acting big too.  I’m itching to get started.

So what is acting big?  Acting big is putting your money where your mouth is and starting to take the first steps to make the vision a reality.  Every great journey starts with a single step and this is no exception.  Acting big can be about being bold, daring and trying new things on the edge of your comfort zone.  Acting Big can also be about making smaller changes in your life to support the achievement of your goals.  So I’m laying out my first commitments to start acting big:

Acting Big!

Acting Big!

1)   Start taking care of myself: I’ll be relying on my mind and body to provide the energy needed to make this journey happen.  Taking care of mind and body is essential to acting big.  I’m committing to running 3 times a week, being careful with my diet to avoid too much cholesterol and a daily 10 minute meditation.   I know that these changes will boost me towards my goals.

2)   Focus on Less Ordinary Living: I love writing this blog.  I am committing to using this blog as a vehicle to inspire others to live life to the full.  My first goal is to get 1,000 subscribers to Less Ordinary Living.  I’m going to work hard to attract readers, and ask you to help me do this.  If you enjoyed this article, please take a minute to subscribe (using the envelope button on the side).  I also ask you to act big and share this blog with five people you think might enjoy it.  You can help me start acting big today.

3)   Start spreading joy: My third commitment is to bring a positive attitude to every person I meet.  It’s all too easy for me to live life in a bubble and ignore others.  It won’t always be easy, but I will try my best to bring joy and positivity to everyone I meet.  I’d love a world where everyone did this, so I’m going to strive to set a good example.

As you can see, Acting Big doesn’t always involve making a grand gesture or turning your whole life upside down.  No need for me to base jump off Canary Wharf with a Less Ordinary Living flag (although now I come to think of it….).  It can be as simple as bringing a smile and a good attitude when you meet people.

As you continue to Think Big, start Acting big too.  What are the changes that will get you started in the right direction?  What can you do differently this week, what can you learn, or practice that will get you taking action?  If you make one commitment to act big per week and give it your absolute best effort, you’ll find yourself accelerating toward your big thinking goals before 2009 is over.  So what are you committing to this week? – share it with the world by making a comment.

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