"Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing." - Theodore Roosevelt (US President)

Career Coaching

"I'm stuck in a rut at work and don't know how to get out"
"I don't feel like my work makes any difference."
"I have no idea where my career is going in the long term"
"I'm spend all day sorting out everyone else's problems but never have any time to deal with mine"

If these sound familiar, career coaching could be for you. You'll get the support and expertise you need to find success and happiness at work.

Less Ordinary Living has enabled professionals across the world to take control of their career and find work they love (a few of their stories are shared on this page).

If you're feeling ready to get your career moving, we offer a no strings attached introductory call to brainstorm ideas. Click here to request your consultation and get started.

How does career coaching work?

Career coaching supports you to take the action needed to achieve your career ambitions. We'll design a clear objective that could be to:

  • Identify the work you love to do
  • Craft your long term career plan and make it happen
  • Make a career change to a new profession
  • Develop a career plan and follow through
  • Get the skills and experience to get promoted

I use my background in professional services, my years of coaching experience and state of the art tools to design a bespoke process to achieve your objectives.

Rather than feeling stuck, you'll get the support, encouragement and challenge to get you moving and feel in control of career again.

If you feel ready to find out more, I offer a no obligation 30-minute call. Please fill in the form and I'll get back to you and set up a time to speak.


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