Career Success Stories


(HR Manager)

I'm an experienced professional with a background in high-tech and management consulting. 

I spent a long time as a manager in a consulting firm serving clients yet I felt I'd lost track of my career direction.   I reached the point where I'd had enough and it was time to find work that felt meaningful and motivating.

Phil helped me to think through my career history and understand more about myself.  I used psychometric tests and exercises to identify my core skills and strengths. 

I find it tricky to plan for the long term and this helped to start setting some criteria for my next job.

Helping people to make the most of their situation is what got me into consulting in the first place.  When I thought about it, a move into the HR and development world seemed like the next natural step.

In thinking through how to make the transition, I felt the need to enhance my HR skills, so I studied and qualified as a HR practitioner.

When I felt ready, I started my job search.  For me, it was about finding a role that makes a difference to people and about working in a supportive culture. 

Phil helped me plan a strategy for a comprehensive job search and it lead me to my current job.  It was interesting to see how my network supported me in identifying these kind of roles.

Now I'm developing HR strategy for a large high-tech company and enjoying the challenge.