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(Media Entrepreneur)

I've worked for myself for over a decade. I'm creative at heart and love having the freedom to express myself through my work.

I work as a TV and radio presenter, nightclub hostess, writer and performer. Although I'm based in London, over the last ten years I've been fortunate enough to work all over the world in various sectors of the media and live performance.

When I started working with Phil I felt unfocussed. I was being pulled in lots of directions and my work didn't fit with what I love to do. It was time to do some serious thinking and reassess things.

We set an objective to define my long-term career vision and direction. I've always been a little wary of long-term planning - most of the time my career has just fallen into place.

Over the last year, I've surprised myself. I've got really clear on my long-term career ambitions, and short-term goals. I'm limiting my number of projects to focus on those which feed my creativity and passion.

I've also worked hard to get better at time management, being more focussed and enjoying every day.

Phil has helped me to I feel in control of my career and I've taken decisive action to start new TV and publishing projects. I feel really proud of myself and excited for the future.

In their own words:

I hired Phil to help me set a long term career objective and a path towards it. His coaching was practical, supportive and one of the best self-investments that I've made. I would highly recommend Phil to anyone seeking a professional coach.