Start-up Success Stories


(Transition Coach)

I started working with Phil when I was a senior pursuit consultant at a global professional services organization. Initially we focused on trying to find me a different position within that organization, but over time it became clear that my real passion was to start my own business as a transition and life coach. Once we realized that, we were able to work together to develop a plan for me to achieve what I termed "escape velocity."

There was a long planning process - more than a year - but by the time I gave notice, I was clear on my vision for my company and had enough money in the bank to make the right decisions for me and my business.

Phil and I worked together very intensely during the first two months of launching my business. This helped me to stay focused and on track. Many people have commented that I was able to accomplish much in a short period of time.

Now as I look at my business, I am thrilled with what I have been able to create and feel that it fully expresses me and who I want to be. I look forward to serving my clients and hopefully providing as much value as I have gotten from working with my coach.