Start-up Success Stories


(Branding Entrepeneur)

I've been really lucky with my career so far.  I started out in brand management at a global FMCG company and have also spent time as a Marketing Director with a branding consultancy.  I've also got a masters in global politics. 

I've always knew I'd set up my own business one day .  With my experience in marketing and consumer goods, I saw an opportunity to create a start-up business providing specialist brand consultancy to the food industry. 

I started working with Phil to get some support in pulling it all together.   It's helped me feel confident to take the steps I needed.

I spent some valuable time getting clear on my strengths and skills.  This helped me to prepare properly for the big step ahead and find the right people to complement me.

I've developed my business plan for Umami 5 and I'm excited about launching.   For me, having a long-term vision for success is vital and pulling this together has really helped.

It's great to get started and I'm already starting to see clients and projects in the pipeline.  I'm building a "22nd Century business" and enjoying every second.