Career Success Stories


(Learning & Dev. Manager)

When I first decided to work with a coach, I was a successful manager in a big consulting firm-and I was unhappy.  I was frustrated with the fact that my daily grind was in no way close to how I wanted to spend my time.  I wasn't sure what my short term plans were, or my long term plans, all I knew is that the current situation I found myself in wasn't working for me.  I wasn't happy or balanced.

The decision to work with Phil was spurred by the realization that what I wanted was not only to focus more on helping others develop and grow (my favourite part of the consulting job) but also more time and flexibility to spend outdoors to indulge my other passions (adventure travel, paragliding, hiking, following professional cycling).

Working with Phil help me set out a series of career goals to incrementally change my work and my life.  I pursued a promotion to be able to give me more leverage at my job.  I found more time to spend developing my skills around training others both formally and informally.  I started pursuing new roles within and outside of the company to find something that matched the work I wanted to do and provide the flexibility I needed to balance.  After thoughtful planning with Phil and some patience, I found a training and development role within the organization that provided both the opportunity to do what I love and have a lifestyle that I want to lead outside of work.

My passion for work has been re-ignited (although it's still challenging-it's the right challenge for me) and I am truly enjoying what I do.  I am able to work from my home office a majority of the time, and it gives me more flexibility and balance to go paragliding, spend more time outdoors, and plan my next adventure trip to Eastern Europe.